the Internet Society Chapter of Hungary


This document was valid only the period of time between the foundation
and the first official meeting of the Chapter.

1. Territory, Name and Headquarters

The territorial limits of this Chapter are defined by the territory of the Republic of Hungary (hereinafter: Hungary).

The official name of the Chapter is: Internet Society Chapter of Hungary (hereinafter: ISOC Chapter of Hungary; or simply: Chapter).

The headquarters of the Chapter are at 18-22 Victor Hugo street, Budapest, H1136 Hungary.

2. Purpose of the Chapter

The Chapter serves the Internet Society's purposes by serving the interests of a segment of the global Internet community through a local presence in Hungary, focus on local issues and developments in the country, and use of the Hungarian language.

The Chapter promotes activities of ISOC and provides a means for face-to-face local meetings and communications in Hungarian language.

The objectives of the Chapter are, among others:

  • to promote the use of the Internet for communication and collaboration especially in research and education;

  • to act as a forum for the academic and research sector, for the government, for industry, and for individuals to debate and formulate Hungarian Internet network policies and procedures;

  • to focus at the development and evolution of Internet technology and applications in Hungary.

3. Scope of the Chapter

The Chapter is established on a non-exclusive basis to cater to the needs of the specific, cohesive community of Hungarian networking experts being interested in ISOC activities and related local issues.

4. Membership

The Chapter has been established by the founding members in 1997.

Any individual (natural person) may join the Chapter who is a member of ISOC, is a Hungarian citizen, has a permanent address within the territorial limits of the Chapter, provides a written Application to the Executive Director of the Chapter, and an approval of the application is made by the Executive Director in consultation with the Chairman of the Chapter.

Any organization (legal person) may join the Chapter which is an organizational member of ISOC, is registered in Hungary, has a permanent address of its headquarters within the territorial limits of the Chapter, provides, by its CEO, a written Application to the Executive Director of the Chapter, and an approval of the application is made by the Executive Director in consultation with the Chairman of the Chapter.

No discrimination is applied when approving any application for membership. ISOC members in Hungary shall never be required in any way to join the Chapter.

A list of members is maintained by the Executive Director, and is made available, upon request, to the International Secretariat of the ISOC.

5. Funding of the Chapter

The Chapter is a not-for-profit organization. All of the Chapter activities are supposed to be performed by voluntary participation of all members and officers. Coverage of any specific costs arising in conjunction of any activity of the Chapter is provided by the involved members of the Chapter.

Administrative and organizational background to the operations of the Chapter is provided by HUNGARNET.

Finances of the Chapter (if any) are independent of ISOC.

Eventual fund raising above the equivalent of USD 1000 is started by the Chapter only in case of agreement by the ISOC headquarters.

6. Officers

The activities of the Chapter are organized by a Chairman, at least two Vice-Chairmen, and a Board of Directors (an Executive Director and at least two further Directors).

Officers are elected for three years. A single consecutive period of service in any office shall be allowed.

7. Elections

Elections are held in every three years. A quorum of the meetings does exist if there are at least ten individual members present. A simple majority of the votes is required for electing an officer.

8. Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings are called and presided by the Chairman. An ordinary meeting is to be organized annually. Extraordinary metings are organized irregularly, depending on circumstances related to Chapter activities.

9. Chapter Activities

The Chapter may undertake any activity reasonably related to and in furtherance of the purposes of the Internet Society in its scope of jurisdiction.

The Chapter conducts all local activities in the same non-profit manner as ISOC does. It doesn't engage in product endorsements or other forms of commercial activity. On the whole, it protects the reputation of ISOC and its headquarters.

The Chapter activities are devoted to academic, educational and scientific purposes, especially:

  • to facilitate and support the technical evolution of the Internet as a research and education infrastructure and to stimulate involvement of the academic and research communities, among others in the evolution of the Internet;

  • to disseminate knowledge and culture among the academic and research communities and the public concerning the technology and the application of the Internet;

  • to promote scientific and educational applications of Internet technology for the benefit of educational institutions at all grade levels, as well as industry and the public at large;

  • to provide a forum for exploration of new Internet applications in Hungary and to foster collaboration among organizations in their operation and use of the Internet.

The Chapter consults with ISOC trustees and staff for any special arrangements including making public statements and taking positions in the name of ISOC.

Reports on local activities and notable events is submitted to the ISOC headquarters by the Chapter upon request.

10. Public Positions and Statements

The officers of the Chapter may make public statements and take public positions as long as such statements are:

  • related to and advance the purposes of the Internet Society,

  • not contrary to a position taken by the Board of Trustees,

  • prepared and presented in a professional manner,

  • not likely to give rise to any significant liability of a legal or juridical nature.

Where there is any question regarding the appropriateness of a public position or statement, the chapter consults with the Society's headquarters. If the statement is one before a governmental body, such consultation is mandatory.

The Society's headquarters is informed of all public positions and statements taken or issued by the Chapter - preferably in advance, but in any case within 24 hours after issuing the statement.

All public positions and statements made by the Chapter shall clearly indicate the source as the "Internet Society Chapter of Hungary".

11. Others

The Chapter understands that the Internet Society shall not be liable for any act or omission or incurred liability of any kind of the Chapter.

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